The University of Louisville School of Nursing offers one on one advising for undergraduate students from professional advisors and one on one advising for graduate students from faculty advisors. Please read below to learn more.

Transfer Students

All students that are considering transferring to the University of Louisville from another college or university must first apply to the Lower Division of the School of Nursing through the Office of Admissions website. Unfortunately, advisors are unable to meet with unadmitted transfer students. The School of Nursing requires all transfer students to have a 2.8 or higher cumulative GPA. If you have questions about transfer equivalencies, please see the Transfer Resources webpage. If you have questions about required lowered division classes, please see our Curriculum webpage.

Once officially admitted to the University of Louisville, please email your advisorfor further information and the creation of an academic plan:

Please do not forget to include your UofL Student ID number and your availability in your email.

Currently Enrolled Undergraduate Nursing Students

Undergraduate students who are currently enrolled in UofL classes and need an advising appointment must contact their advisor to set up an appointment. Advisors are available on Belknap Tuesday through Friday and on the HSC campus Monday through Friday.

Students who fall under any of the following categories are required to be advised:

  • Students with fewer than 28 completed hours
  • Transfer, first semester admits
  • Conditional Admit Status
  • Academic Warning
  • Academic Probation

Intra-University Transfer

Undergraduate students who have completed a minimum of 12 hours at UofL and would like to switch their major to Nursing must complete an Intra-University Transfer Formto officially change majors. Students are required to have a 2.8 cumulative GPA in order to be eligible. Student with less than a 2.8 cumulative GPA will be denied.

Graduate Students

Students who fall under any of the following categories are required to be advised:

  • Non-degree Admit Status
  • Conditional Admit Status
  • No approved program of study on file

Graduate students who need advising should contact the Office of Student Services at 502-852-1196.