Improved Facilities for Owensboro Campus

Improved Facilities for Owensboro Campus

                  The University of Louisville School of Nursing in Owensboro began the fall semester in a great new area with improved and updated facilities. While the move to the new space actually took place in late spring of 2014, students did not have an opportunity to utilize all of its available features until fall.

                  The program now boasts four classrooms that have state-of-the-art technology including wired access to the internet and individual power stations for each desk. Each classroom also has audiovisual capabilities that enhance student learning and provide faculty with options for providing a variety of learning experiences. One large classroom provides opportunity for students or faculty to connect with Louisville classrooms, a capability that has already been utilized several times this semester.

                   In addition to the classrooms, the lab area is enlarged and supports five mock patient care stations with assessment devices such as otoscopes and ophthalmoscopes available at each station. The lab also includes a mock up area for medication retrieval and supply procurement, which is like those found in the clinical facilities utilized.  In addition, there are several mock patient rooms, which are designed to mimic the actual room layout of the clinical facility where most clinical experiences occur.  These rooms are set up just like a real patient room and allow students to familiarize themselves with the room layout, set up of supplies, medications, and other factors that they will encounter when they reach the clinical setting.  Most students have had experiences in the new lab, experiencing better options for practice and learning

                   Students have also made great use of new study areas.  Since nursing school involves a lot of group work and study, the study rooms have been utilized most every day.  The new facilities provide more than double the number of individual study areas available to students. 

                   Areas for student interaction and relaxation have also been upgraded.  The student lounge is able to accommodate 40-50 people at one time and on several occasions it has been the site for student-led activities and programs.  Student areas just outside the classrooms are also available for use during break, giving students a close and comfortable place to gather.  New features include lockers and a computer access station where students may access email, Blackboard, or other online information.

                   The new Owensboro campus area is a great upgrade. Faculty and students all agree that the new space is a great resource and makes the process of learning more enjoyable for all.