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Adult Curriculum

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Adult Curriculum


The following courses are required for this track. The Advanced Nursing Practice


Core Courses Prerequisites                         


*611 Nursing Pharmacology,  3 Credits, Spring Course                                                    


*655 Pathophysiology for Clinical Decision Making, 3 credits, Fall Course           

 *656 Adv. Clinical Assessment, 3 Credits, Summer Course

 *Notes:  Students that have previously completed any of the above core courses in an accredited Master of Science in Nursing program may be waived from taking these courses at UofL to meet certification requirements. An individualized program of study will be created by the student’s faculty advisor based upon previous degrees earned and work experience.                                             


Concentration Area Courses


ADULT (672 Clinical Hours)            

601 Primary Care I,  3 Credits         

624 Adv. Clinical Practice Adult NP I, 3 Credits                                                   

667 Geriatric Pharm, 1Credit                            

602 Primary Care II, (3)

625 Adv. Clinical Practice Adult II, 3 Credits

666 Primary Care of the Older Adult, 2 Credits                              




604 Transition to Practice, 2 Credits, may be required SPRING SEMESTER


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