Judy Schreiber, RN, PhD

Judy Schreiber, RN, PhD

Judy Schreiber, RN, PhD

Assistant Professor


    Research Interests:

    Adult cancer survivorship issues; Religion and spirituality in healthcare (e.g., coping, well-being, distress, and decision-making); Cancer and cancer treatment related psychological effects; Pain assessment and management, Quantitative research (e.g., methodology, psychometrics).

    Research Projects:

    Principal Investigator, Internal Supporting Undergraduate Innovation Grant, University of Louisville: ACTIONS Project: Assessing Critical Thinking in Outcomes of Nursing Students.  2010-2012

    Principal Investigator, Internal School of Nursing Grant, University of Louisville: Returning to Intimacy: Life After Breast Cancer.  2010-2012.

    Completed Research Support:

    Principal, Doctoral Scholarship in Cancer Nursing - American Cancer Society Competitive, based on proposal for dissertation - initial scholarship and renewal.  2005-2009.

    Principal Investigator, Sigma Theta Tau - Beta Epsilon Chapter: View of God: Impact on Coping and Psycho-spiritual Outcomes for Breast Cancer Survivors.  2009.

    Co-Investigator, J. Patrick Barnes Grant - Daisy Foundation: The Cancer Treatment Side Effect Index: A pilot study of efficacy.  2010-2011.

    Co-investigator.  University of Kentucky GotGrants: Psychological Well-being Among Women Pre and Post - Breast Cancer Diagnosis.  Shriners Hospital for Children Multicenter Research Grant.  2009-2010.

    Education Interests:

    Global Health; Transcultural Nursing; Evidence-Based Practice; Research Methodology Pedagogy of On-line Teaching

    Recent and Selected Publications:

    Schreiber, J. (2013, March, in press).  We've Come a Long Way...Cancer Pain Management Review Oncology Nursing Forum/Newsletter 1973-2013.  Oncology Nursing Forum, 40, xx.

    Schreiber, J., Cantrell, D., Moe, K.A., Hench, J., McKinney, E., Lewis, C.P., Weir, A., & Brockopp, D. (in review, 2012). Improving Knowledge, Assessment, and Attitudes Related to Pain Management:  Evaluation of an Intervention. Pain Management Nursing.

    Schreiber, J. (2012). Psychometric properties of the Image of God Scale in breast cancer survivors. Oncology Nursing Forum, 39, E1-E7. DOI: 10.1188/12.ONF.E1-E7

    Schreiber, J. & Edward, J. (in review-2012). Image of God and psychological well-being and distress: A qualitative approach. Psycho-oncology.

    Schreiber, J. (2012). Religion/spirituality (R/S) and psychological adjustment in breast cancer survivors: A systematic review. Journal of Cancer Survivorship, 6, 82-94. DOI: 10.1007/s11764-011-0193-7

    Schreiber, J. (2011). Image of God: Effect on coping and psycho-spiritual outcomes in early breast cancer survivors. Oncology Nursing Forum, 38, 293-301. doi:10.1188/11.ONF.239-301

    Brockopp, D., Schreiber, J., Hill, K., Alpeter, T., Moe, K., & Merritt, S. (2011). A successful evidence-based practice model in an acute care setting. Oncology Nursing Forum, 38, 509-511. doi: 10.1188/11.ONF.509-51

    Brockopp, D.A., Moe, K.A., Schreiber, J.A., & Warden, L.S. (2010).  Transitions throughout the cancer experience: Diagnosis, treatment, survivorship, and end of life. In T. Miller (Ed.), Life Stress and Transitions in the Lifespan. New York: Springer.

    Educational Background

    • Bachelor's of Science in Nursing, Baylor University
    • Masters of Science in Nursing, Duke University
    • Post-Masters Nursing Certificate FNP, University of Kentucky
    • PhD in Nursing, University of Kentucky