Tim Crawford, PhD, MPH

Tim Crawford, PhD, MPH

Tim Crawford, PhD, MPH

Tim Crawford, PhD, MPH

Assistant Professor




  • 2012:PhD - Epidemiology &Biostatistics, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY
  • 2009:MPH – Epidemiology Concentration, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY
  • 2007:Bachelor's of Science in Microbiology, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN

Educational Interests:

  • Epidemiology
  • Statististics


  • Society for Epidemiologic Research
  • American Public Health Association
  • American Statistical Association

Recent Publications:

Hammash MH, Crawford T, Shawler C, Lin CY, Shewekah D, Moser DK (In press). Beyond Social Support: Self-Care Confidence is Key for Adherence in Patients with Heart Failure. European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing.

McCarthy VL, Hall L, Crawford TN, Connelly J. (2017).Facilitating Self-transcendence. Western Journal of Nursing. doi: 10.1177/0193945917690731

Crawford TN, Thornton A.(2016).Retention in Continuous Care and Sustained Viral Suppression: Examining the Association among Individuals Living with HIV. Journal of the International Association of Providers of AIDS Care. doi:10.1177/2325957416678929

Abner EL, Teaster PM, Mediondo MS, Ramsey-Klawsnik H, Marcum JL, Crawford TN, Wangmo T. (2016). Victim, Allegation, and Investigation Characteristics Associated with Substantiated Reports of Sexual Abuse of Adults in Residential Care Settings. Journal of Interpersonal Violence. pii:0886260516672051

Robinson KM, Crawford TN, Buckwalter K, Casey DA. (2016). Outcomes of a Two Component Intervention on Behavioral Symptoms in Persons with Dementia and Symptom Responses in their Caregivers. Journal of Applied Gerontology. doi: 10.1177/0733464816677549

Robinson KM, Crawford TN, Buckwalter, K. (In Press). Outcomes of a Two Component Intervention on Depression in Dementia Caregivers. Best Practice in Mental Health.

Hammash MH, Lennie TA, Crawford T, Heo S, Chung ML, Biddle MJ, Dekker R, Wu JR, Rayens MK, Moser DK. (2016). Depressive Symptoms: Mediator of Event-Free Survival in Patients with Heart Failure. Western Journal of Nursing Research. pii: 0193945916658883

Ridner SL, Newton KS, Staten RR, Crawford TN, Hall LA. (2015). Predictors of Well-Being among College Students. Journal of American College Health. 64(2), 116-124.

Reid TL, Bendure LE, Crawford TN, Reynolds EW, Sithisarn T, Bada HS. (2015).Drug Use During Pregnancy and Associated Maternal and Neonatal Complications. Kentucky Medical Association.

Crawford TN. (2015)Examining the Relationship between Multiple Comorbidities and Retention in HIV Medical Care: A Retrospective Analysis. AIDS Care: Psychological and Socio-medical Aspects of AIDS. 27(7): 892-9.

Crawford TN. (2014).Poor Retention in Care One Year after Viral Suppression: a Significant Predictor of Viral Rebound. AIDS Care: Psychological and Socio-medical Aspects of AIDS. 26(11): 1393-9.

Myint T, Anderson AM, Sanchez A, Farabi A, Hage C, Baddley JW, Jhaveri M, Greenberg RN, Bamberger DM, Crawford TN, Wheat J. (2014). Multicenter Outcomes Series of Histoplasmosis in Patients with HIV/AIDS and Factors Associated with Relapse. Medicine. 93(1): 11-8.

Crawford TN, Sanderson WT, Thornton, A. (2014).Impact of Poor Retention in HIV Medical Care on Time to Viral Suppression. Journal of the International Association of Providers of AIDS Care. 13(3): 242-9.

Recent Presentations:

Poster Presentations

Crawford TN, Harris LM, Peyrani P. Examining Age as a Moderating Effect on the Relationship between Alcohol Use and Viral Suppression among Women Living with HIV. Presented at the American Public Health Association Annual Meeting. Denver, Colorado, 2016.

Ridner SL, Hall LA, Crawford TN. Measures of nicotine dependence among light and heavier smokers. Presented at the Southern Nursing Research Society Annual Conference. Williamsburg, Virginia, 2016.

Crawford TN, Harris L, Peyrani P. Examining the Moderating Effects of Alcohol Use on Age and Viral Suppression among Women Living with HIV. Presented at Research!Louisville. Louisville, Kentucky, 2015.

Abusalem S, Crawford TN, Coty MB, Polivka B. The Relationship between Culture of Safety Dimensions and Adverse Events in Long Term Care Facilities. Presented at Research!Louisville. Louisville, Kentucky. 2015.

Marchione K (student), Downs A, Collins J, Crawford TN, Thornton AC. Measuring the Impact of the Affordable Care Act: A Ryan White Case Study. Presented at the IDweek. San Diego, California, 2015.

St Martin B (student), Thornton AC, Crawford TN, Kubajak C, Collins J, Salinas J, Huaman MA. Quantifying the Relationship of Driving Time to Care on Clinical Outcomes for HIV Patients in Eastern Kentucky? Presented at Idweek. San Diego, California, 2015.

Invited Presentations

Crawford TN, Harris LM, Kerr J. Older African American Adults Living with HIV: Exploring Stress, Stigma, and Engagement in Care. Presented at the KYAETC Conference. Lexington, Kentucky. 2017.

Research Interests & Activity:

HIV/AIDS Epidemiology, Engagement in HIV care, Addressing Health Disparities in HIV Care, Substance use, and LGBT Health

Applied statistical methods: propensity scoring, mediation analysis, longitudinal data analysis, and time-to-event analysis



Clinical Research Scholar, NIH Loan Repayment Award (NIAAA)


APHA HIV/AIDS Award Excellence in Abstract Submission among New Investigator (Honorable Mention)


Delta Omega - Beta Gamma Chapter (Honorary Public Health Society)


Service Award, College of Public Health Graduation Awards, University of Kentucky


Lyman T. Johnson Scholarship Recipient


National Math and Science Grant Recipient


National Society of Collegiate Scholars


African American Achiever Scholar