Message from the Dean

Message from the Dean

My heart is always moved when I hear the voices of Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman singing the most beautiful duet of Time to Say Goodbye. Several of the lyrics resonate loudly as my departure as dean nears.

After almost 11 years as dean of the School of Nursing, I marvel at the transformation of the school. The building, faculty, students and staff have shifted in looks, actions and thoughts. Our outcomes have evolved in the community, in the western part of the state with our Owensboro BSN Extension program and globally with numerous study abroad programs. We have evolved as an interprofessional force and entity at the Health Sciences Center in terms of practice, research, teaching and service.

We have held steadfast to our primary mission: To educate the next generation of intelligent and highly-caring nurses. Without students, we are not a university. With students, we are a goldmine for improving health care across all ages, socioeconomic groups, genders and races. Our graduates touch peoples’ lives and transform their thoughts, feelings and actions when health is improved or, sadly, lost.

Nurses too often are clouded or shaded by anonymity in their everyday jobs. They unassumingly go about what they do best: Care for patients. Every day, they do what is right, courageous and beautiful. This is what we are all about. This is our essence for being. Each nurse deserves recognition as an unsung hero.

In closing, I encourage each of you to never lose sight of your early, idealistic attitudes of why you became a nurse, and even more importantly, why you remain a nurse. In keeping with the words of the song Time to Say Goodbye, “horizons are never far” for the School of Nursing. Welcome the new dean and work together to create even more transformation for the school. Now, it is time to say hello!

All my best, 

Marcia J. Hern
Dean and Professor, 2007-2018