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Iota Zeta Officers

Iota Zeta Officers                                   Term                  Contact

President, Valerie Lander McCarthy          (2013-2015)

Vice President, Sandy Smith                      (2012-2014)

Treasurer, Diane Orr Chlebowy                 (2013-2015)

Secretary, Christine Steiner                        (2013-2015)

Leadership Succession, Cathy Velasquez    (2012-2014)

Counselor, Cathy Batscha                           (2012-2014)


STTI Committees

Governance Committee:  This committee helps the Councilor, Dr. Cathy Batscha, oversee chapter membership eligibility. The majority of the time needed for this committee is in the spring, around Induction. Cathy Batscha serves as Chair of this committee. *Also, a volunteer to be elected Counselor next year is needed, so Cathy can train her successor during the coming year.

Leadership Succession:  This committee manages the preparation, distribution and tallying of election ballots and helps to mentor members to assume leadership positions. The time needed for this committee is mostly limited to the few weeks in late spring and early summer when the election is conducted. This committee will be chaired by Cathy Velasquez.

Other Standing Committees

Research Committee: Coordinates research awards (academic and community awards); sponsor and/or participates in local or regional research presentations.

Communication Committee: Maintains Iota Zeta Facebook page; collaborates with Iota Zeta secretary to maintain FaceBook, Iota Zeta page on SON website, PR for Iota Zeta events.

Programs & Activities Committee: Assists VP with planning and presenting the annual business meeting, continuing education programming, social events, networking activities, the Induction ceremony, and other events of interest to members.

Community Service Committee: Identifies, plans, and coordinates community service project(s) – large or small – of interest to committee members, as approved by the Iota Zeta board.

Numbers of members on committees is not limited. Members may belong on more than one committee.

  • STTI committee duties specified in bylaws, with elected Chairs.

Chapter committees function somewhat autonomously, deciding when to meet, what projects to take on and how much time to commit. Chapter committees elect their own Chairs who will be liaisons for the committee, attending Executive Board meetings.

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