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Upper & Lower Division Fees


Can be purchased at the Health Sciences Bookstore or Gray's Bookstore.

Health Services Fee

This $52.50 fee is charged to all Health Science Campus Students each semester through the Student Health Services Office and can not be waived.

Parking Permit

Students are required to buy a permit if they plan to park in any UofL parking facility.  More information is available through University Parking.

University Fees

This includes a general listing of fees through the University of Louisville Bursar's Office.

Upper Division Fees

Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI) Testing

ATI tests are taken by students throughout their nursing education to evaluate where each student is in their knowledge building. These exams indicate where students need to improve their knowledge base. The culminating exam is a Comprehensive Predictor Exam, which is highly predictive of success on NCLEX, the national standardized exam required for licensure as a Registered Nurse. The price for the ATI exams program differs each academic year, but is currently $262 for the first semester and $217 for the 3rd semester. Fall 2014

Background Check

Hospitals and clinical sites across the area now require certified background checks on students, following the passage of Kentucky Legislature House Bill 136. Beginning in August 2007, SON started requiring the background checks. Prospective students can access the background check information on-line. The cost is $40, which is submitted directly to the company and is part of the  application process. Contact the Office of Student Services with questions.

Clinical Laboratory Fee

Students are assessed Instructional and Clinical Laboratory Fees for all required 300 and 400 level nursing courses. The purpose of the fees is to support the maintenance and operation of the Learning Resource Center, Simulation Labs and the expenses associated with providing instruction. All official fees are listed on the university website by the Bursar Office.

Health Insurance

This $995.50 fee is charged to all Health Science Campus Students through the Student Health Services Office unless waived by the student. All students at UofL's Health Sciences Center are required to carry health insurance.


iClickers are required in many of the undergraduate courses and are purchased at the Bookstore at a cost of approximately $25.


All students are required to have up to date immunizations. Costs are the responsibility of the student.

Liability Insurance

All students in a clinical course are required to carry Student Liability Insurance. Cost depends on carrier. Office of Student Services provides a list of carriers. SON does not endorse any particular insurance company. Typical cost is about $30 for pre-licensure students and $75-$100 for Registered Nurses. The policy must be for 1,000,000 /3,000,000 dollar coverage.

Name Tags

Name tags are required by all students. Current cost is approximately $10.


Students are required to purchase their own stethoscope when admitted to the program. Although the cost varies, the recommended mid-range stethoscope (Littman Classic II) costs approximately $82. This can be purchased through the U of L chapter of Kentucky Association of Nursing Students or from a medical supply company.


Students are required to have uniforms for both hospital and community experiences. The official uniform for hospital experiences consists of a red scrub top with the official University of Louisville SON patch attached and black scrub pants. Alternate clinical attire includes a SON polo shirt (approximately $25) and black scrub pants in the clinical experiences for Community Health Nursing, Psych – Mental Health, and in the Health Assessment Lab. A lab coat may be needed for some clinical placements. Uniform information is provided at the mandatory student orientations and is included in the School of Nursing Student Handbooks.






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