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School of Medicine

Owensboro BSN Program

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Owensboro BSN Program

Program Information

The University of Louisville School of Nursing offers an innovative Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) curriculum designed to prepare professional nurses to work in a changing health care system.  The curriculum is two tiered and encompasses lower division general studies courses that can be completed at any accredited university or college and one part-time semester of 7 hours of required coursework that must be taken through our  UofL - Owensboro campus. Once the student is in their last semester of completing lower division course work, he/she will apply to our competitive upper division.

Upper Division Application Deadline:  September 15 for Spring admission and May 1 for Fall admission

Number of Students Admitted to Upper Division:  20 for Fall and 20 for Spring

Minimum Cumulative Undergraduate and Program GPA to be considered:  2.8

Length of Program: Two years for upper division (junior and senior semesters)

Degree Awarded:  Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Louisville

Admission Counselor: Terri Knott

Location: The Owensboro extension campus is located on the 4th floor of the Breckenridge Medical Office Building; 1000 Breckenridge Street Owensboro, KY

Application Process

Students must be admitted to the University of Louisville and to the lower division of the Nursing Owensboro BSN program (major code BSNOW) in order to register for Pathophysiology and Pharmacology and to be considered for upper division.

Owensboro BSN Application Instructions [PDF]

In order to be eligible to apply to the UL-Owensboro lower division, students must have all other lower division Science courses completed in order to take Pathophysiology and Pharmacology.

All students should note that a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.8 is strictly enforced to be eligible for the program. Students who have failed either Anatomy and Physiology I or Anatomy and Physiology II twice are not eligible for admission. Additionally, students must have completed all lower division Biology and Chemistry requirements within 10 years of entering the BSN program.

Once admitted to the University of Louisville - Owensboro Nursing lower division, the student must contact Admission Counselor, Terri Knott at or 270.688.1051 to schedule an appointment. Ms. Knott will review the admitted student's transcripts and create a program of study, which indicates the student's program GPA, which is a primary factor in the review process for determining admission to upper division. Ms Knott will also give the student permission to enroll in Pathophysiology and Pharmacology, which are the last two required lower division courses that must be taken through UL -Owensboro. These two courses provide the basis for the clinical application of pharmacology and focus on the body's response to pathological processes throughout the lifespan. Since these two courses are 7 hours, students may choose to enroll in 5-7 additional hours of electives or lower division coursework to meet the 12 credit  hour minimum to be considered a full time student. 

While enrolled in Patho & Pharm students will go through the departmental application process for upper division, which is located on the School of Nursing website. Once accepted to upper division, students begin working in a clinical setting their first semester. The last upper division semester provides an internship model for intensive, preceptored clinical experiences.  All courses provide interactive learning experiences within a community of learners.  There are opportunities for extensive field and clinical experiences in each semester.

Students admitted to the Owensboro BSN program must be able to complete classwork and clinical assignments in the Owensboro, Kentucky area located in Daviess County.  Clinical experiences and placements will be in the Owensboro-Daviess County surrounding area including many clinical experiences in Owensboro Medical Health System.  Students must adhere to all clinical compliance policies established by the University of Louisville.

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) will be conferred from the University of Louisville upon completion of all degree requirements.

Transfer Information

The University of Louisville recognizes appropriate course work completed at other accredited universities and colleges and accepts that work according to the principles set forth in the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers Transfer Credit Practices and state law under course equivalencies established in the Office of Transfer Services.

If a student is transferring from a Kentucky public institution and it certifies that a student is “General Education Fully Certified” or certified in certain General Education categories, then the student may not need to take additional humanities, history or cultural diversity courses upon transferring to the University of Louisville.  General Education classes will be waived for students with a baccalaureate degree.


Students who are seriously interested in the UofL- Owensboro BSN program, should contact Admission Counselor, Terri Knott at for student specific information. Student who have been admitted to the lower division of Nursing for UL-Owensboro MUST be advised prior to registering for NURS 338 and 395.


UL Admission Deadlines

July 1 for Fall semester Patho & Pharm

December 1 for Spring semester Patho & Pharm

 **We do not admit students for Summer semester

Important Documents

Owensboro Community College Lower Division Equivalency Guide

Kentucky Wesleyan College Lower Division Equivalency Guide

Brescia University Lower Division Equivalency Guide

Application Instructions [PDF]

New Student Guide [PDF]

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