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Congratulations to our prize winners!

Matthew Dahl - reserved parking space
Charlene Kimbro - trek bike
Laura Cers - iPod touch
Valerie Parrish - iPod touch
Brad Busch - iPod touch

The National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)

In February, a randomly selected group of freshmen and seniors will receive email invitations to participate in the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE). Students that complete the survey will be eligible to win:

  •  Reserved parking spot for the Fall 2009 semester ($265 value)

Thumbnail Parking Pass

  •  Trek Bike (up to a $400 value)

Small Bike

  •  iPod Touch ($229 value, three available)

Thumbnail iPod Touch

What is the National Survey of Student Engagement?

The National Survey of Student Engagement is a survey specially designed for students like you to provide information about your undergraduate experience, including your views about the quality of your education and how you spend your time. The survey has a broad scope, with hundreds of colleges and universities of all types and sizes participating each year. But the main reason the university is participating is to learn more from our students about what you think and do so UofL can better serve our students by improving its programs and services. 

Who takes the survey?

The survey is being completed by a random sample of first-year students and seniors. As allowed for educational assessment purposes, UofL provided NSSE with the names, mailing, and e-mail addresses of all eligible students. Theoretically, every first-year student and every senior at UofL has an equal chance of being chosen because the names were randomly selected from the list we provided.

How does it help me? Why should I do it?

Simply put, UofL needs to know what you think of your undergraduate experience, the kinds of activities in which you engage, and how you are benefiting from your studies. Without this information, it's not very easy for UofL to identify the areas that can and should be improved. And because you were randomly selected from among your classmates to represent UofL, it's imperative that you make your views known.

Unlike many other surveys, the NSSE has a real chance of making a difference in terms of how people at UofL use the information. There is great interest in this study for two reasons. First, administrators, faculty, staff and students at UofL want to see the results. Second, there are numerous people beyond UofL who would like to know how well UofL is doing - prospective students, their families, alumni, and others. So, your answers - after they are combined with those of your classmates - will be read with interest by a wide variety of people.

Check back in the fall for the 2009 results!


Cheryl Gilchrist

Director, Undergraduate Assessment, Retention and Research
E-mail Cheryl Gilchrist

Robert Goldstein

Associate University Provost for Academic Accountability, IR and Effectiveness
E-mail Robert Goldstein

Michael Mardis

Dean of Students
E-mail Michael Mardis

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