Spring 2015

Orientation for New and Transfer students admitted for the Spring of 2015.


Completing the orientation requirement is a two step process including:

1) Registration and

2) Completion of either the online or on-campus orientation.

    ONLINE - $40 fee - (If you are a new freshman you will be required to attend an on-campus orientation). If you opt for online orientation, once you submit your orientation registration form it will be available on Blackboard under "My Organizations" the following business day. (Note: entering student into Blackbaord is a manual process taking place at the beginning of each workday). To successfully complete the online orientation there is an assessment that must be passed with a 70% or better. Once you complete this process you may contact your advising unit.

    ON CAMPUS - $40 fee/$10 per guest - If you register for an on-campus session you will receive a confirmation email a few days prior to your session (links to the agenda and parking information are available from the tabs on the left). The email reminder will be sent to your cardmail account. Academic advising will be available for A&S and Education. All other students may contact their advising units and make an appointment. If made on the day of your orientation be sure that it is after 2:00 pm.

    On Campus Dates

    Friday, Nov. 21

    Friday, Dec. 12


    Submit orientation registration