Math Placement

Mathematics course placement is based on your highest ACT or SAT mathematics sub-score. If you scored a 19 ACT or above in math, you are guaranteed placement in a credit-bearing course.


• If you scored an ACT sub-score of 0 – 18 (SAT 200 – 450), you MUST take the COMPASS exam. This exam will place you in an math course based on your math competence. Placement may  include  MAT 55 and 65, non- college credit courses,  GEN 104, the university’s intervention course for mathematics, and entry-level mathematics courses according to your major.

• If you scored an ACT sub-score of 19 - 24 (SAT 460 - 560), but less than the score required for your desired math class, you SHOULD take the UofL Math Challenge Placement Exam (excluding engineering majors).

Math placement & criteria testing