REACH (Resources for Academic Achievement) is the centralized academic support unit for undergraduate students.

REACH provides academic support to help students to adapt to college life and to improve their academic skills and performance.

REACH offers study sessions and tutoring for numerous undergraduate courses, offers peer mentoring, provides success seminars, and much more.

REACH AMBASSADORS Peer Mentoring Program (Strickler Hall 126)
The REACH Ambassadors are second-year students trained and certified to mentor first-year and transfer students with 30 or fewer hours. They help students negotiate the transition to UofL by providing support, friendship, advice and connection to university faculty, staff and services.  The objectives of the program are to develop leadership, provide service opportunities, and student engagement with university life and resources.

All first-year students are invited to join this program.  First-time students may also just come by the REACH Ambassador Lounge to talk with an Ambassador or simply to have a quiet, comfortable place to study. This program collaborates with the First Year Guide Program.
Coordinator: Leighann Valdez at 852-8106

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a series of weekly study sessions attached to specific courses that are historically difficult for students.  It is based on a model developed at the University of Missouri and is implemented if a class has an unsuccessful (DFW) rate of 30% or greater. The Learning Assistance (LA) program is similar to SI and typically addresses courses in Anthropology, History or Astronomy up to the 300 level. Learning Assistants attend each class for a given course and section and hold either office hours or weekly study/review sessions. 
Asst. Director: Karen Seng-Carrow at 852-8134

The LRC offers small group tutoring (1-5 students) for as many as 100 different courses to assist with questions, guided study, discussion and review outside of the classroom.  This tutoring is designed for students who need assistance in courses not attached to   SI or LA or for students who cannot attend these study sessions.  Tutoring sessions meet every week throughout the semester.   The Learning Resource Center also offers GRE, GMAT, and LSAT peer exam review sessions.
Coordinator: Julie Hohmann at 852-7516

MATH RESOURCE CENTER (Strickler Hall 226)
The Math Resource Center (MRC) offers drop-in tutoring for most 100 and 200 level Mathematics courses.  Tutors assist students by helping with homework, practice problems, and exam analysis.  (Students needing help in Statistics (MATH 109) should consult the Learning Resource Center.).  The MRC also offers ADVANCE in Mathematics, a five-week intensive algebra review program in July to help students advance their math placement into entry-level mathematics.
Asst. Director: Carrye Wilkins at 852-7434

VIRTUAL MATH CENTER (Strickler  Hall 331)
The Virtual Math Center (VMC) offers drop-in academic support for MathZone and MathXL for Math 111 and ADVANCE in Mathematics students.  The online VMC is available during the evening and weekend through Blackboard for students in selected math courses.  Supplemented Math 111 students take weekly quizzes in the VMC.
Asst. Director: Carrye Wilkins at 852-7434

COMPUTER RESOURCE CENTERS (Ekstrom Library, 1st. Floor and iTech Zone in MITB)

Both CRC locations offer assistance to any student in basic computer operations, Microsoft Office, programming languages, Photoshop, MathXL, MAPLE, SPSS, ULink, Groupwise and more.  CRC tutors are familiar with assignments in CIS and CECS courses and can help debug programs written in ANY programming language. The CRC is the student’s resource for Blackboard, the university’s course management software.  REACH tutors also offer assistance for multimedia projects in the Delphi’s Digital Media Suite in Ekstrom Library.
Asst. Director: Dennis Keibler at 852-7569

The role of the Academic Development Office (ADS) is to assist students with the transition from high school to college and to connect students to appropriate campus-wide support services. The ADS team compliments the work of the students' unit academic advisors by helping identified students develop and implement individual academic support plans.
Director: Vickie Bridgeman at 852-2319

STUDENT SUCCESS SEMINARS (Strickler Hall 111 or Ekstrom Library rooms)
The Student Success Seminars provide instruction on time management, study strategies, critical thinking, financial literacy, and academic planning. The sessions are interactive and last 50 minutes.  They are open to any enrolled student.
Coordinator: Mark Woolwine at 852-2320

GEN 105
Supplemented College Reading (GEN 105) is required by KY law for college readiness for first-year students whose ACT reading scores are less than 20, whose SAT verbal score are less than 470, or whose COMPASS placement test score is less than 84. The course earns 1 elective credit hour.  Students must attend two hours of class providing academic instruction in college reading, critical thinking, and content tutoring with selected Gen Ed courses. Grading is P/F.
Coordinator:Mark Woolwine at 852-2320