Student Curriculum

The student curriculum consists of four hours of classes per day: one piano class and three enrichment classes. Classes take place between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, plus evening recitals on Thursday and Friday. It is a fun, but full week, so if possible, local students should devote the entire week to the Institute.

The Institute application asks for the student’s recital piece and the piece you would like to work on during the Institute. The majority of teachers prefer the student to work on the same piece, but it is the home teacher’s decision. If you change your mind about the piece(s), that is not a problem. Please just e-mail the change to the director as soon as you know, but preferably not later than June 21.

Student Recitals

All students will perform on a formal evening recital in our wonderful concert facility, Margaret Comstock Concert Hall. Recitals will be followed by a reception. Formal concert attire includes dresses for girls and shirt and tie for boys, preferably a jacket or suit. No casual clothes or shoes are permitted. The home teacher will set the bench for the recital. If the home teacher is not present, another teacher will be assigned to assist the student. Student masterclasses will rotate rooms so that everyone gets a chance to be on stage before the recital.

Theme Days

Each day at Institute has a different theme. Students have fun wearing unusual hats, something inside-out, etc. The last day, everyone wears their 2015 Institute t-shirt and we take a group photograph on the steps outside the School of Music.

Parent Supervision

New University policy requires that minors on campus be accompanied at all times by their parent or an authorized adult who has had a background check. For the Institute, a parent attends the piano class, sets the bench and footrest, and takes notes. Parent observation of enrichment classes is also encouraged and, in some cases, required. Parents are responsible to see their children, even teenagers, from class to class. If you have multiple children and are concerned about the logistics of supervising them, please contact the Institute director.