Suzuki Flute

Suzuki Flute
The Suzuki Flute Method was developed by Toshio Takahashi, and continues to evolve as students and teachers mature.  Mr. Takahashi was a student of the eminent French flutist, Marcel Moyse, upon whose playing and teaching the Suzuki Flute Method is based.  Mr. Takahashi is currently director of teacher training at the Talent Education Institute in Matsumoto, Japan.

The Suzuki Triangle
The Suzuki Method requires a three-way partnership between the student, teacher and the parent—all working together combining a philosophy, a technique and a program of education.  Parents attend lessons and practice with the child daily.  The parent need not be a musician—she/he is taught, step by step, how to help the child at home. A Positive Approach The teacher and parent encourage the child, praising each effort, so that the practice time is a positive experience.  It is the teacher’s challenge to help the parent create an environment that provides motivation for the child.


Tony Watson, DMA
Flute Instructor
Suzuki Studies Program
School of Music
University of Louisville
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