Recitals, Events & Dates

Students are encouraged to perform before an audience.

Community Music Program recitals will take place during the academic year. These recitals are informal and students are encouraged to participate as much as possible. Individual teachers also plan recitals for students throughout the year.

Honors Recitals will be held at the end of each Spring semester. Each teacher may recommend an outstanding student to perform on the Honors Recital.


FALL SESSION (16 lessons)


Aug. 21                        Fall Session Begins

Sept. 4                         Labor Day Holiday (closed)

Nov. 22-26                   Thanksgiving Holiday (closed)

Dec. 18                        End of Fall Session


SPRING SESSION (16 lessons)


Jan. 8                          Spring Session Begins

Jan. 15                        Martin Luther King Holiday (closed)

May 14                        End of Spring Session


SUMMER SESSION (16 lessons)


May 21                        Summer Session Begins

July 4                          Independence Day Holiday (closed)

Aug. 13                        End of Summer Session


CMP Departmental Recitals 


Oct. 21     Sat.    1:00 pm

Dec. 2      Sat.    3:00 pm

Mar. 17     Sat.    3:00 pm

May 19     Sat.    1:00 pm