College Prep Program

(Admission by audition only)

The College Prep Program offers lessons and courses in Bass, Brass, Composition, Guitar, Harp, Percussion, Piano, Strings, Voice, and Woodwinds.

A high standard of performance is expected in the College Prep Program, as it prepares high school students for serious music study at the collegiate level.

Students may enter the program no later than the fall semester of their junior year in high school. Eligibility is determined by an interview, music theory exam, and performance audition. 

College Prep Program students take one 60-minute lesson per week and are required to practice a minimum of two hours daily. At the end of the junior year, the student must perform a jury to determine whether sufficient progress has been made to continue in the program. Jury requirements are specified for each instrument.

Fees include a weekly Music Theory/Appreciation class; students are required to attend and pass corresponding levels.
College Prep Program students are required to perform in at least one Departmental Recital each semester. During the senior year in high school, each College Prep student will perform a forty-five minute solo recital.

Students are required to perform in at least one ensemble per year. The Louisville Youth Orchestra, Floyd County Youth Orchestra, Louisville Youth Choir, high school band, orchestra, choral and similar programs fulfill the requirement. 

After successful completion of the two-year curriculum, the student will automatically become eligible for a one-year full-tuition scholarship to the University of Louisville, pending fulfillment of other university entrance, audition and scholarship requirements.

To apply, contact, CMP  Director at (502) 852-5850.