Parent Testimonials

"My six-year-old daughter looks forward to her sessions at the UofL Music Therapy Clinic each week -- she loves her energetic and engaging therapist, and loves getting her hands on so many musical instruments! I appreciate that each session nurtures my daughter's inherent joy in music while helping her process ‘Big Feelings’. In addition, she is learning a number of coping mechanisms that will benefit her in daily life. For us, music therapy is the perfect combination of hard work and fun”


“Coming to the University of Louisville's music therapy program has been more than a wonderful experience. Over the past four months their have transformed my daughter, into a musically-interactive, polite, and structured child. She came to the program having trouble with day to day transitions, communicating frustrations and sharing, but with the program's focus on therapy through music's structure, tempo and creativeness, she is now able to shift from one activity to another while using polite communication when expressing her wants and needs. Our family looks forward to every session, especially my daughter”


“My son is autistic and he, generally, communicates through a speech device. Since
attending music therapy, however, he tends to verbalize vocally after we have attended the clinic. He really enjoys utilizing his keyboard at home even though we’ve had it for years. It has been a great blessing to hear my son speak through music, and the impact this has had on his life and my own is immeasurable”