Cheryle Lawrence

Cheryle Lawrence, MA, is a retired Rank I music teacher/therapist whose career spanned 27 years at Jefferson County Public Schools, Louisville, Kentucky. She worked with the University of Louisville as an on-site supervisor for music therapy students, 2005-2013.

Ms. Lawrence served the KY Orff-Schulwerk Association on national conference committees and as newsletter editor. She has presented at Orff-Schulwerk, Music Therapy, and Music Education (state, regional, and national) conferences. She has served the Music Therapy Association of Kentucky through regional and national conference committees.

Ms. Lawrence was awarded several grants as a Kentucky educator. She was awarded the Hilliard Lyons Excellence Award for Outstanding Teaching Performance in 2014.

Ms. Lawrence currently teaches Piano Accompaniment for Music Therapy at the University of Louisville. She serves as pipe organist, pianist, and preschool choir director at Brandenburg United Methodist Church in Brandenburg Kentucky.