Music Therapy

There is an assessment for all music therapy applicants in addition to the classical/jazz instrumental and vocal audition requirements. Because the field of Music Therapy requires the therapist to sing when engaging with patients/clients, a demonstration of functional vocal ability is included in the audition requirements for instrumental applicants. For all instrumental (classical or jazz) principle auditions (NOT voice primary applicants), please prepare 2 short songs. These songs DO NOT NEED TO BE MEMORIZED, and can be sung a cappella. Examples of songs include:

My Country Tis of Thee
Happy Birthday
God Bless America
Amazing Grace
You Are My Sunshine

There will also be a rhythmic assessment for all instrumental and vocal music therapy applicants.

All music therapy applicants will fulfill this portion of their audition/application on the scheduled audition day. If you have questions about the assessment requirements, please contact Dr. Lorna Segall directly at .