New Media Minor Requirements

Minor in Music & New Media

The Minor in Music & New Media is designed to give students majoring in fields outside of music the opportunity to explore intersections between their major field of study and new media. Work in the field of new media often necessitates interdisciplinary collaboration, and the Minor in Music & New Media creates opportunities for students from a variety of disciplines to discover and document new knowledge and expertise in the evolving field of new media.

Coursework for Minor in Music & New Media

Music & New Media (Minor)

Unit: Music

Departmental Admission Requirements: Students must meet a minimum admission requirement of the School of Music with a 2.75 GPA and 21 ACT.


Choose one: One music theory course as determined by placement exam-Or- Music and Sound in Film MUH 315


Instrument or Voice Class(es), normally MUS 130, 131, 147, or 227 -Or- Applied Study (dependent on ability and audition, or faculty placement)


Introduction to Musical Acoustics MUS 170


Audio Engineering MUS 171


Creative Audio Recording & Production Techniques MUS 270


Sound Design MUS 271


Analysis of Electronic Media MUS 350


Sound Art MUS 376


Additional Hours of study selected from MUS, MUH, and/or MUTH courses2,3
(0 hours of additional study if Theory is chosen; 1 hour of additional study if MUH 315 is chosen)


Minimum Total



1 Students who do not pass the computer-based Fundamentals Test prior to the beginning of the fall semester are required to enroll in MUS 091 Fundamentals of Music I for 0 credit concurrently with MUS 141 Theory I. Students who do not pass Theory I, and students who enter the School of Music in January and do not place into MUS 142 Theory II, must enroll in MUS 092 Musicianship I for the spring semester.
Credits for MUS 092 do not count toward the degree.

2 Students may count up to 1 hour of major ensemble - MUS 109 or 1 hour of minor ensemble - MUS
119 toward the music & new media minor.

3 Students may count a maximum of 1 additional hour of applied study toward the music & new media minor. 


1 Students enrolled in the minor in music & new media are strongly encouraged to enroll in a cross listed course, MUH 205, 214, or 218, for their General Education credits in Arts and Humanities and/or Cultural Diversity.

2 Students wishing to minor in music & new media must obtain the approval of the School of Music.