Bachelor of Music in Music History

The Bachelor of Music in Music History degree is offered for students who have academic aspirations and are developing an interest in pursuing the study of music history at the graduate level, perhaps with a goal of teaching in higher education and pursuing music research, or who are interested in careers as music librarians. In addition to the goals of the School relating to all professional degrees in music, the music history undergraduate degree seeks to develop foundations and knowledge in particular areas for continued study in the field: music analysis; understanding the development of musical form and its relationship to music literature; relationship between music and the cultural/historical context of time and place; exposure to a variety of musical cultures. Research techniques and effective written/oral communication skills must be demonstrated by the development and presentation of a senior paper.

Requirements for Emphasis in Music History

Every University of Louisville School of Music student must complete the following degree requirements:

  • 2-4 semesters of Piano (individual to major)
  • 4 semesters of Theory
  • 4 semesters of Music Literature
  • Private Lessons
  • Principal Ensemble Performance
  • Recital Attendance (15 per semester for 6 semesters)
  • General Education Requirements (hours vary)

The liberal arts degree in music affords the student the opportunity to pursue the study of music at the collegiate level and also to combine the study of music with an outside field. In some cases, we have developed some specific areas of emphasis but the Bachelor of Arts in Music degree offers the student a wide array of choices, limited only to his imagination. This degree is popular with students who want to eventually earn an advanced degree in medicine, law, or some other area.

A professional degree in music is a highly concentrated degree with approximately 85 of the 131 hours in music. There is a solid general studies core of subjects included in this degree as well. Most of the students who pursue this degree will go on to graduate school and to more advanced study in music.