Projects realized at the University of Louisville Computer Music Studio

Ermir Bejo
Tape Study Nr.1 (2011)
fixed media

Derrick Anderson
F5 (2011)
for fixed media

José Julio
Diaz Infante UofL Study (2011)
for fixed media

Michael Montgomery
Magnetostriction (2011)
for fixed media

Joe Burchett
Shining and Changing (2011)
for fixed media

Rene Orth
Dream Sequence 1 (2011)
Dream Sequence 2 (2011)
Dream Sequence 3 (2011)
Dream Sequence 4 (2011)
for fixed media

Zach Thomas (2011)
Radio Music
Zach Thomas, laptop & radios

Adriana Guzman (2011)
Adriana Guzman, flute and live electronics

Joey Crane (2011)
Matteo Barnett, voice,
Joey Crane, live electronics

Zach Thomas
Snake Repellent (2010)
Jason Palamara, violin
Joey Crane, cello
Zach Thomas, live electronics

Joe Burchett
Emit Ecxite and Emit (2010)
Joe Burchett, mandolin

Adriana Guzman
The Shaman's Voice (2009)
for fixed media

Joe Burchett
Move in Place (2009)
for fixed media

Zach Thomas
Music for Your Brain Olives (2009)
for fixed media

James Young
ngs not sa (2009)