Why Study Portuguese?

Why Study Portuguese Photo


Why should you consider taking a 6 credit hour Portuguese class next semester?

 You will fulfill your language requirements in only:

    • ONE semester if you are pursuing a Bachelor of Arts Degree.
    • TWO semesters if you are pursuing a Bachelor of Science Degree
  • You will get superb preparation in just one year to participate in a STUDY ABROAD Program in Portugal (the most Western country in Europe) or Brazil (the most Eastern country in Latin America).
  • You will be able to work through an American Government Program (e.g. Peace Corps) or study or participate in an internship in a Portuguese speaking country or in Portuguese speakikng communities in the United States.
  • You will learn the language of your ancestors, if you have Portuguese speaking heritage.
  •  You will be exposed to a totally different culture that might broaden your interests.
  • You will learn a romance language that has many similarities with Latin, Spanish, French and Italian.
  • You will learn one of the key languages of world commerce today.
  • You will learn the language of many exotic locales: Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, Portugal, Cape Verde, and others.
  • You will do something different and exciting while meeting your language requirements.
  • You will have fun.