Course descriptions

Portuguese course descriptions

PORT  131

Accelerated Portuguese I

Credit Hours:     6.00

Description:     For beginners. Basic grammar, with practice in hearing, speaking, reading, and writing.  This course corresponds to Portuguese 101 and 102 combined.


PORT  132

Accelerated Portuguese II

Credit Hours:     6.00

Description:     Prerequisite: Portuguese 131 or Portuguese 101 and 102, or permission of instructor. Continuation of Portuguese 131. A treatment of more advanced grammar topics and the continuation of work with the development of language fluency in listening, speaking, reading and writing.  This class is a 200 level equivalent course.   This course corresponds to Portuguese 201 and 202 combined.


ML 301

Portuguese Reading, Conversation and Composition I

Credit Hours:    3.00

Prerequisite:  200 level in Portuguese language or Portuguese 132.  Reading, conversation and composition in Portuguese.