2018 Critical Language Scholarships Winners

2018 Critical Language Scholarships Winners

2018 CLS Winners

Three UofL undergraduates studying Arabic with Professor Khaldoun Almousily of CML and Chinese have won the 2018 Critical Language Scholarships: (from left to right) Prof. Almousily, Tasneen Karim, Nada Kaissieh, and Lance Gibson.

Critical Language Scholars (all going to Morocco):

  • Tasneem Karim
  • Lance Gibson  (a French major)
  • Nada Kaissieh

Many congratulations to these UofL students on this honor! These CLS winners will join a dynamic group of American students that are committed to studying critical languages this summer.

These students thank the inspiration and help from Prof. Almousily

Gibson says:

First, I would like to thank Professors Khaldoun Almousily and Shereen Abdelhalim of the Arabic Program for their kindness and expertise, as I have worked to acquire the language over the course of the last year and a half.

Karim says:

Khaldoun Almousily – My first Arabic course was taught by Khaldoun. His energy and excitement about the language further inspired me to continue my studies in Arabic and his encouragement throughout the process of applying to programs such as CLS has been wonderful.

Kaissieh says:

Without the tremendous support and endless encouragement from Professor Khaldoun Almousily, this award would have been just a dream. I am truly grateful to Professor Almousily for pushing me out of my comfort zone and for introducing me to opportunities that have added so much to my life. Professor Almousily's enthusiasm for the language, as well as for his students, is evident in the way he teaches the Arabic language; he shows each student that they are capable and worthy of achieving the most beautiful things in life, no matter how difficult.


CLS 2018 Winners