Study Abroad

  • Why Study Abroad?
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  • Kentucky Institute for International Studies(KIIS)
    The Kentucky Institute for International Studies is a consortium which organizes and coordinates a group of summer and semester study-abroad programs for college students. KIIS focuses on countries in which English is not the primary language. It has programs in countries, such as: Austria, Brazil, China, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Spain, the Dominican Republic, andTurkey.
  • International Studies Abroad(ISA)
    ISA was established in 1987 to facilitate Study Abroad programs for American college students. ISA prides itself on taking each student's requests and needs seriously, and often designs individual programs to meet his/her requirements. ISA believes that by studying abroad students not only see, but experience other cultures and customs. ISA has programs in countries, such as: Argentina, Australia, Chile, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, England, France, Italy, Mexico, Peru, andSpain.
  • International Center at the University of Louisville
  • A&S Study Abroad Support Services