What is the Department of Classical and Modern Languages?


The Department of Classical and Modern Languages is home to many languages: Arabic, American Sign Language, Chinese, Latin, Greek, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish.

Foreign languages are not just for teachers and interpreters. Immersing yourself in another language and its culture is the best way to participate in today's global community. Through language learning, you'll learn to see the rest of the world with new eyes and get a fresh perspective on your home country.

Foreign languages provide personal enrichment and expanded career opportunities. Language learning grants the ability to travel and enjoy diverse communities, their art, their food and their ways of life. Knowing a foreign language lets you connect to the world like never before.

For many employers, your ability to communicate with partners and clients abroad will be just as important as your primary skills. In fields as diverse as business, law, medicine, government service and communication, a second language and experience abroad can give you the competitive edge you need to succeed.

The Department of Classical and Modern Languages offers baccalaureate programs in French,Spanish and American Sign Language Interpreting Studies.

Our minor programs include French, GermanItalian,  Spanish, and Russian Studies.

The Department of Classical and Modern Languages has at its disposal several  endowed scholarships, whose funds are used to assist students who want to travel to foreign countries for the purpose of increasing their language abilities. Additionally, there are grants in French and Spanish which provide tuition assistance for majors in those languages.

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