Featuring fiction by Sarah Blackman, Matthew C. Crady, and Tim Croft; poetry by Mandy Malloy, Nathan Parker, Michele Poulos, and Patrick Scott Vickers; and microfiction by Patrick Scott Vickers


Featuring fiction by Christopher Wait; poetry by Melissa Broder, Kai Carlson-Wee, Peter Jay Shippy, and Patrick Scott Vickers; and microfiction by Matthew Dexter and Christopher Woods


Featuring fiction by Patrick Scott Vickers; poetry by Joe Hall, Josh Kalscheur, Erin Lewenauer, and Caren Scott; and microfiction by Molly Prentiss and Melinda M. White


Featuring fiction by Andrew Blossom; poetry by John Beardsley, Anna Claire Hodge, Anthony Jones, Carrie Lorig, and D. W. Martin; and microfiction by Holly Jenson and Marie Potoczny


Featuring fiction by Elizabeth Quinn; poetry by Lori Brack, Lea Marshall, Darren Morris, Nicholas Reading, and Michael Salcman; and microfiction by Edd Howarth and Libbie Walkup


Featuring fiction by Amira Pierce; poetry by Holly Day, Mark DeCarteret, Angie Mazakis, Keith Montesano, and Trent Nutting; microfiction by Adam Krause and Henry Walters; and visual art by Eleanor Bennett


Featuring fiction by Katie Cortese, Ashley Farmer, Carmen Lau, and Jared Yates Sexton; poetry by Adam Day and Christopher Kennedy; and creative nonfiction by Brian Oliu


Featuring fiction by Chris Offutt, Micah Dean Hicks, Lindsay Stern; poetry by Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Ashley Farmer, Kristen Miller, and Paul Griner