Buddy Policy


    • Qualified Buddy: One who has taken the cleanroom orientation and safety training and passed the respective quiz for the U of L Shumaker Research Building Cleanroom facility.
    • Buddy Free Authorized (User): One who is authorized to use a particular piece of equipment from the Buddy Free Cleanroom Equipment and Process List and has been approved to enter the cleanroom to use the equipment without a buddy.
    • Wet Chemistry: Processes include any process that would be done at a “wet bench” working with solvents, acids, bases, salts, spin on materials, hot plates, or working with powdered chemical (Note: powdered chemicals are not “wet”, but they are capable of dangerous reactions).

    Buddy Free Cleanroom Equipment and Process List for approved Users:

    No wet processes including acids or bases may be performed in the cleanroom alone for all persons.  MNTC staff may perform high thermal processing while alone in the cleanroom.  Other processes that do not fall within this area (i.e. dry or gas processes or metrology) may be performed alone in the cleanroom.


    1. No Wet Chemistry (see definition above) may be performed at any time without a qualified buddy present in the cleanroom.
    1. During staff hours, staff will be glad to act as a buddy to any user.  Staff will attempt to keep the cleanroom staffed consistently during business hours, but may be gone due to meetings, lunches, etc.  If a user wishes to have a staff member for a buddy, they will need to ask.
    1. Buddy-Free Cleanroom equipment and processes can be used and performed outside of staff maintained business hours without a qualified buddy by users who have been approved by the cleanroom manager.

    Processes considered for Buddy Free work must take the risk to personnel and equipment into consideration.  Chemical hazards, heat (burning or combustion), and electrocution are some of those risks.  Not every item a user can use without a buddy is listed (examples: using a computer, the phone or micrometer).  Users should be responsible when using any machine or performing any process but even more so when they are "Buddy Free".