School of Music

  1. What processes do you use to ensure that all new faculty, especially pre-tenure faculty, are offered a mentor if they want one?
    All new faculty, full and part-time, are assigned a mentor selected by the Associate Dean in consultation with the Division Head.  An initial meeting takes place with the Associate Dean as soon as the faculty member is on campus to discuss issues related to academic matters, policies, and procedures.  Encouragement is also provided to the new faculty to come to the Associate Dean at any time with any questions or concerns they might have.  A part-time faculty especially develops a closer relationship with other part-time faculty and with their Division Head.
  2. Do you track how many faculty are mentored, and if so how?
    The Associate Dean checks up on new faculty to be sure that the mentorship is working.  In all cases to date, the faculty member has appreciated the availability of someone to help them adjust to a new system and school.  Division Heads are also available to meet with the faculty members to assist them especially with issues related to annual review, promotion and tenure.  This role may soon fall to our new Department Chairs.  Progress towards tenure/promotion is monitored by the Division Heads at this time.
  3. Do you evaluate the success of the program, and if so how?
    Evaluation comes from comments provided by the new faculty mentor.  Mentor faculty welcome the opportunity to assist incoming faculty.