Outpatient Services

Rheumatology outpatient services have three main clinic sites. The division staffs weekly clinics at the Robley Rex Veterans Affairs Medical Center, the UofL Physicians Outpatient Center and residents clinic in ambulatory internal medicine.

This latter clinic is located next door at the Ambulatory Care Building attached to University of Louisville Hospital. These former two clinics at the University site are organized as general rheumatology clinics, with appointments triaged by faculty according to acuity when necessary.

The VA clinics are problem oriented, both in order to improve clinical care and to make it easier for learners to compare similar patient’s illnesses on the same day. These include the procedures clinic two (2) times per month, and new patient and follow-up clinics weekly.

As its volume increases, the intent is to divide follow-up clinic into general follow -up and high-risk drug follow-up. The latter will be more protocol driven and have a higher level of nursing participation.

Clinics occurring less frequently than weekly are multidisciplinary, having a specific research or educational, as well as service, purpose. These include adolescent medicine transition clinic (adult rheumatology and pediatric rheumatology); lupus clinic (rheumatology and nephrology); and VA procedures clinic.

  • To schedule an appointment with one of specialists, call 502-588-4600.