Clinical Relationships

Some of the institutions of the LAMC are private, some public and some hybrid.

They are predominantly part of a large, newly formed accountable care organization, KentuckyOne Health, comprising over 3,000 physicians and surgeons and 20 hospitals or other facilities state wide.

The UofL rheumatology consult service is centered at the University of Louisville Hospital, which is part of KentuckyOne Health. This 411-bed hospital is a descendant of the original public hospital of the city and 75% of the LAMC rheumatology consults take place there. The remaining 25% of consultations on the downtown service are done for patients in the other institutions in the LAMC complex.

A small number of selected consults from the pediatric service at the Norton Children's Hospital are added to consult rounds for educational purposes.

The medical services and medical residency are centered at the ULH at the eastern end of Flexner Way while the robust transplant services (lung, heart, kidney, hand) and a second medical intensive care unit are centered in the Jewish hospital complex at the western end of the medical area, while the adjacent Frazier rehabilitation institute, one of the largest rehabilitation institutions in the country provides an additional resource for the program.

The Robley Rex Veterans Affairs Medical Center lies three (3) miles east in an adjacent suburban campus, comprises 114 beds and is reachable by car in 12 minutes.

Overall about 8% of consults occur on weekends or nights, with each fellow and one of three faculty covering 17 weekends per year apiece.