Areas of Research

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Epidural Stimulation

The Human Locomotion Research Center at Frazier Rehab InstituteL investigates the effect of combining stand and step training with simultaneous direct epidural stimulation in individuals who have sustained a severe spinal cord injury. Read more about Epidural Stimulation Research...

Functional Electric Stimulation

Acute spinal cord injury (SCI), leads to skeletal unloading, immobilization and induces rapid muscle atrophy and accelerated bone loss in the paralyzed limbs. Maintaining muscle and bone integrity would prove highly valuable for the improvement of general health and well being of individuals after a SCI. Read more about functional electric stimulation.

Cardiovascular Function

Through the evaluation of cardiovascular function in individuals with spinal cord injury, we are able to assess the body’s ability to regulate blood pressure while at rest and in response to the orthostatic stress induced by rapidly maneuvering from a supine to a sitting position. To obtain cardiovascular data, we monitor continuous blood pressure, heart rate and breathing rate in supine and sitting positions. Read more about cardiovascular function

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