welcome | Laboratory of Dr. Robin Krimm

Mission Statement: Our goal is to understand the molecular cues that help build sensory systems during development.  We are focused on understanding the development of the taste system, because this systems unique anatomy allows us to answer fundimental developmental questions that could not be addressed in other systems.  We are examining the general mechanisms underlying important developmental processes, such as target selection during axonal guidance, neuronal cell death, synapse formation, and trophic influence of neurons on sensory organs.  We pursue these goals in a cooperative laboratory environment that allows each laboratory member to grow and develop professionally, so that each member can reach their greatest possible potential.

 The lab group: From left to right back row: Robin Krimm, Troy Pearson, Ami Patel, front row:  Amanda Driskell, Liqun Ma.                 krimm lab as of 2006

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