Tech Requirements for Incoming 2015 Class

Tech Requirements for Incoming 2015 Class

1. All incoming students in the Fall of 2015, and repeating students must purchase an iPad Air 2, with 64 GB of storage, wifi only with AppleCare+ for iPad. Students may, if they so choose, select the 128GB, and they may select a 4G cellular data version as well (they will have to pay all provisioning fees) but the budget requirement being sent to the Financial Aid Office for the requirement will be:$698.00 ($599.00 for the device, and $99.00 for the AppleCare). The student may select any color of their choice.

This can be purchased online at:

iPad Website

Or at the local Apple store.

It is highly recommended that students purchase a protective case for their device.

2. Additionally, it is required that all students have a Laptop.  

The SOM supports the following Apple or PC models:

Apple Macbook Pro or Macbook Air. go to:

Apple Laptop Website

Or at the local Apple store.

Please be sure to take proof of admittance or a student ID in order to receive a discount.

If the student prefers to purchase a PC,

The SOM supports the following models: Lenovo x250 (UofL edition models only) and Microsoft Surface Pro 3 (UofL edition models only)

You will need to follow these directions to register for a login to order UofL edition models via the website:

Note: Estimated turnaround time of up to 24 hours for account creation.

Once registered, you may select your PC at:

PC Laptop Website

Note: PCS will then contact you for Payment after you've placed your order as part of their 1 on 1 concierge service.

3. While not required, a smart phone, either an Apple iPhone or an Android device is highly recommended.

A point of clarification.  The iPad/Laptop requirement is a hard requirement, not a recommendation, approved by the Academic Technology Committee of the school, with extensive student input, and mandated by the Educational Policy Committee of the school. The Academic Technology Office of the School of Medicine will only be testing new applications and testing software on these devices.  Your inability to complete a test in your courses, or an assignment due to not having this exact model iPad/Laptop specified above will be your responsibility, and may result in you receiving a 0 for a grade.  If however, you experience a technical issue and are on the correct product, accommodations will be made, and loaner devices will be available.  We understand that this may pose an economic hardship on some and we apologize, but it was determined that this was the best process for the upcoming year, in order to fulfill the curricular requirements.

If you have questions regarding these requirements please contact us at ATOSupport @