iClicker basics and FAQ

iClicker basics and FAQ

How to register your iClicker for use in class for graded activities and an FAQ on iClickers


1. Go to http://www.iclicker.com/registration/ and register your iclicker. Please remember for “Student ID” to use your ULink ID, i.e. kegard01 NOT your id number.

· How do I know if my answer was recorded?

o When selecting an answer, look at the “vote status” light (third light from the top). If it flashes green, your answer was recorded. If it flashes red, please enter your answer again.

· If I turn my iClicker off and then back on, during the exam, will my new answers be recorded?

o Yes. The iClicker base station records any answers from turned on units ad hoc, on a per question basis, so there is no “session” that is ended.

· If I want to change my answer, and click a second selection on my clicker, which one will be recorded?

o The last answer you select is the only answer that is recorded. Feel free to change your answer, so long as you do so before the question is closed.

· I pressed my button, and I did not see the number up on the screen change. Did my answer get recorded?

o The number on the screen may not change instantly. There is a buffer on the receiving station that stores multiple answers coming in at the same time, and gives feedback to the software as it feeds the answers to it. Look at the vote status indicator on your iclicker. If it flashes green, your answer was recorded. If it flashes red, please enter your response again.

· If the low battery indicator is showing, will my answers still be recorded?

o Yes, but… The low battery indicator still means the unit is working; however, the range on the device may be less as the signal strength slowly deteriorates. If the light comes on mid way through a quiz, you should be fine. However, change the batteries as soon as possible. You should carry a set of three fresh AAA batteries with you. Remember, when changing batteries, the third battery tends to “hang” up in the device. A gentle tap of the bottom of the unit on a hard surface will typically dislodge the third battery. NOTE: Please DO NOT use Duracell batteries as they are shorter than other batteries and therefore not suitable for i>clicker remotes.

· Where do I get batteries for my iClicker?

o Students are responsible for providing their own batteries for their devices.

· If my iClicker is broken, what should I do?

o iClickers may be purchased at the University’s Health Sciences Book Store 555 South Floyd Street, Louisville, KY 40202 (next to Starbucks) for $56.00

· For more information see the complete FAQ’s under “students” at: http://www.iclicker.com/dnn/Support/FAQs/tabid/179/Default.aspx