Instructions for First-Year Class

Arrival Time
Members of the first-year class are asked to arrive at the White Coat Ceremony site by 2:15PM (EDT).  Students will pick up their white coats outside the Marriott Ballroom (2nd Floor) and be placed in line for the processional.  The class will receive more information by email from the Office of Medical Student Affairs the week of the ceremony.

Please be sure to dress appropriately.  Students should dress in professional/interview attire.  Since students will be wearing your medical student white coat, students should not wear suit coats, blazers, or jackets.  Please leave backpacks, handbags, and other valuables with your guests.

Each first-year students is allowed to bring four guests to the White Coat Ceremony.  Guests should go directly to the Marriott Ballroom on the second floor.  Doors to the ballroom will open at approximately 1:30PM (EDT).

There will be professional photographers from the University of Louisville taking pictures during the White Coat Ceremony.  
After the event, a photographer from the Greater Louisville Medical Society will take individual photographs in the lobby.  A complimentary 5x7 photo will be given to each student who has their picture taken by the Greater Louisville Medical Society.  That complimentary picture will be distributed the second week of class.  Anyone wishing to order additional photos can do so through the photographers website.

Students and guests are invited to a reception immediately following the White Coat Ceremony.  The reception will be in rooms adjacent to the Marriott Ballroom.  Cookies and punch will be available at the reception.

Special Assistance
The Louisville Marriott Downtown is fully accessible to persons using wheelchairs.

White Coat
The white coats the students receive at the White Coat Ceremony are compliments of the Greater Louisville Medical Society.  Additional coats can be purchased by the student during the academic year.