Meet Our Residents


Justin Chu, M.D.

Dr. Justin Chu

Hometown: Dayton, Ohio

Undergrad:  Miami (OH) University

Medical School:  Wright State University

Career Interests: Med-Peds Hospitalist, Global Health

Personal Interests:  Basketball, Soccer, Run, Outdoor activities with my wife and my daughter is due in November!

Favorite Louisville Restaurant:  Highland Morning (because brunch is my favorite meal of the day) 

Favorite Thing To Do In Louisville: Seneca or Cherokee Park, Big Four Bridge, St. Matthew's Farmers Market

Ryan Conard, M.D.

Dr. Ryan ConardHometown: Taylorsville, KY 

Undergrad:  Eastern Kentucky University (Go Colonels!)

Medical School:  University of Louisville School of Medicine

Career Interests: Endocrinology vs Allergy/Immunology 

Personal Interests:  Strength training, Video games (PC and Switch gamer), Hiking, fixing up/decorating my new home, spending time with my family, eating out with friends, and trivia

Favorite Louisville Restaurant:  Hard to pick just one so I will name a few: Ramen House, El Taco Luchador, Havana Rumba, Blue Dog Café, Game, The Silver Dollar, Nord's Bakery, Payne Street Bakery, Troll Pub under the Bridge, Checks, Monnik, Oiishi Sushi, Dairy Kastle, Sunergos Coffee

Favorite Thing To Do In Louisville: The Kentucky Derby/Oaks, Sherby on Sherwood Ave, The Big Four Walking Bridge, St. James Art Fair, Cherokee Park, The Zombie Walk, St Patrick's Day Parade, and many more!

Sarah England, M.D.

 Hometown: Versailles, KY

Undergrad:  University of the Cumberlands

Medical School:  University of Louisville

Career Interests: Hospitalist, Global Health

Personal Interests:  Spending as much time outside as possible, swimming, baking, reading (fiction and historical fiction are my favs), spending time with my niece and nephew

Favorite Louisville Restaurant:  Food: Havana Rhumba, El Mundo, Feast. Ice Cream: Graeter's. Coffee: Quills.

Favorite Thing To Do In Louisville: Eat at all the places (still so many new ones on my list!!), visit ice cream and coffee shops, Waterfront Park/Big Four Bridge

Ryan Mughmaw, M.D.

 Hometown: Marion, IN

Undergrad:  Butler University (#GoDawgs!)

Medical School:  Indiana University School of Medicine

Career Interests: Med-Peds Hospitalist with an Outpatient Peds Clinic

Personal Interests:  Disney, Couponing, and Bad Reality TV. Spending time with my wife, Taylor.

Favorite Louisville Restaurant:  Feast.

Favorite Thing To Do In Louisville: Going to Cherokee Park

Helen Turner, M.D.


Hometown: Jackson, MS

Undergrad:  Mississippi College

Medical School:  University of Mississippi School of Medicine 

Career Interests: Traditional Inpatient/Outpatient Med Peds in a rural setting with some academics mixed in

Personal Interests:    I love to cook! Love my church-it’s given me some good friends outside of medicine. Also exploring Louisville and trying new restaurants and experiences.

Favorite Louisville Restaurant:  Farmers Markets, checking out new restaurants , walking at any of the fabulous parks, sitting on my front porch, driving into work in the morning and seeing the skyline.

Favorite Thing To Do In Louisville: Farmers Markets, checking out new restaurants , walking at any of the fabulous parks, sitting on my front porch, driving into work in the morning and seeing the skyline.


Ariel Carpenter, M.D.

 Hometown: Fort Worth, Texas

Undergrad:  Missouri State University 

Medical School:  University of Missouri (M I Z!) 

Career Interests: Med-Peds Hospitalist,  Global Health, Advocacy, Public Health

Personal Interests:  International travel, trail running/hiking, hot yoga, NFL & college football 

Favorite Louisville Restaurant:  Naive: trendy and so many vegetarian options!

Favorite Thing To Do In Louisville: Winery and bourbon tours

Caitlin McKenzie, M.D.

 Hometown: Westerville, OH

Undergrad:  University of Notre Dame

Medical School:  Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine

Career Interests: Undecided, possibly academics, Global Health, Medical Education

Personal Interests:  Running, Climbing, Lacrosse, Card and Board Games, Spending time with family and friends


Adam Neff, M.D.

 Hometown: Brooks, Kentucky

Undergrad:  University of Louisville 

Medical School:  University of Louisville School of Medicine

Career Interests: Adolescent Medicine, LGBTQ health, Tobacco Prevention and Control 

Personal Interests:  Fitness classes, eating at all the great restaurants in Louisville, going to concerts/shows, playing with my dogs, Ellie and Pepper. 

Favorite Louisville Restaurant:  Joy Luck

Favorite Thing To Do In Louisville: Forecastle Music Festival, Cherokee Park (and Dog Hill), Speed Art Museum

Jonathan Phillips, D.O.

 Hometown: Rockport, Indiana

Undergrad:  Kentucky Wesleyan College

Medical School:  Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences

Career Interests: Undecided. Quality in Healthcare, including Kaizen and Lean Philosophies

Personal Interests:  “Foodie”, personal finance, KC Royals and Philadelphia Phillies, traveling with my wife (and their upcoming baby girl, Marleigh!)

Favorite Louisville Restaurant:  So far – Stout Burgers and Joella’s Hot Chicken

Favorite Thing To Do In Louisville: Louisville Bats games

Kasey Reed, M.D.

 Hometown: Stanton, KY

Undergrad:  Morehead State University

Medical School:  University of Louisville

Career Interests: Undecided. Improving social justice in medicine, managing chronic illnesses in children and adolescents

Personal Interests:  Hiking, racquetball, cooking, reading, and trying new restaurants 

Favorite Louisville Restaurant:  Stout Burgers & Beer (the Crosstown burger is the best!)

Favorite Thing To Do In Louisville: Going to the Jack-o-Lantern Spectacular at Iroquois park in the fall and finding new hiking places and restaurants

 Cristina Giles, M.D.

 Hometown: Houston, TX / Orlando, FL / Greensboro, NC

Undergrad:  Louisiana State University – Baton Rouge, LA

Medical School:  Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center – New Orleans, LA

Career Interests: Academic Medicine, Global Health, Social Justice

Personal Interests:  International travel, LSU football, hiking with my dog, reading with my cat, cooking, exploring new restaurants and coffee shops. Avid fan of Harry Potter, Game of Thrones and anything Disney.

Favorite Louisville Restaurant:  Wild Eggs (Gluten free pancakes!)

Favorite Thing To Do In Louisville: Walk Across the Big Four Bridge

Caleb Huber, M.D.

 Hometown: Indianapolis, IN

Undergrad:  Vanderbilt University

Med School: Indiana University

Career Interests: Primary Care, interest in global health and refugee medicine

Personal Interests: Bass Guitar, Grand Teton National Park

Favorite Louisville Restaurant: Taco Luchador

Favorite Thing To Do In Louisville: Bike on the Louisville Loop and the Parklands

Briana Trischan, M.D.

  Hometown: Melrose Park, Illinois

Undergrad: Illinois Wesleyan University

Medical School: Chicago Medical School at Rosalind Franklin University

Career Interests: Hospitalist, Health care transition

Personal Interests: my husband, John. Our parakeets, Blooper and Butter and coonhounds, Fred and Sally.              

Favorite Louisville Restaurant: Gralehaus (you have to try the crispy pork hash or biscuit and duck gravy!).

Favorite Thing To Do In Louisville: Checking out local breweries. Monnik and Gravely are some of my favorites!

Hannah Freeland, M.D.

 Hometown: Mt. Vernon, Missouri  

Undergrad: Bob Jones University

Medical School: University of Missouri SOM

Career Interests: Undecided

Personal Interests:  spending time with her crazy big family, friends and church family, visiting historical sites and museums, hiking, running,  reading and baking.

Favorite Louisville Restaurant: El Taco Luchador is delicious and has a fun atmosphere!

Favorite things to do in Louisville: Going out with friends to Lousiville’s many foodie spots. Watching fireworks from the Big Four Bridge with friends (Thunder over Louisville + Fourth of July)

Ben Hannah, M.D.

 Hometown: Pegram, Tennessee

Undergrad: Lipscomb University

Medical School: University of Tennessee Health Science Center

Career Interests: Hospitalist vs. PICU vs. Pediatric Cardiology

Personal Interests: playing guitar, learning other instruments, reading, photography, learning languages, biking, hiking, games, DIY projects and spending time with my awesome wife, Carter and my dog, Bonnie.

Favorite Louisville Restaurant: Game for burgers. Jack Fry’s for date night. Ramsi’s Café on the World for variety

Favorite things to do in Louisville: Whiskey distillery tours, trying new restaurants, visitng different parks and hiking

Hazar Hassuneh, M.D.

  Hometown: Fishers, IN

Undergrad: Indiana University Purdue

Medical School: Indiana University

Career Interests: Hospitalist vs. ICU

Personal Interests: Soccer, reading, painting, Disney/Pixar movies, drawing, baking, my cats! 

Favorite Louisville Restaurant: Bandido Taqueria, Lee’s Korean Restaurant, Oishii Sushi, Queen of Sheba, Mussel & Burger Bar, Grind Burger

Favorite things to do in Louisville: Festivals and Flea Markets

Hugo Hua, M.D.

Hugo HuaHometown: Temple City, California

Undergrad: Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS)

Medical School: Indiana University

Career Interests: Med-Peds Hospitalist, Medical Education

Personal Interests: Spending time with my wife, Lillian

Favorite Louisville Restaurant: Con Huevos!

Favorite things to do in Louisville: Eat!

David Taylor, M.D.

Hometown: Portland, Oregon

Undergrad: Willamette University Salem, Oregon

Medical School: University of Louisville

Career Interests: Hospitalist vs. Nephrologist, Platelet Storage Pool Disorders, AKI Prevention

Personal Interests:reading, hiking, craft beer, good coffee, U of L sports, exploring Louisville

Favorite Louisville Restaurant: Jack Fry's

Favorite things to do in Louisville: Walk the Cherokee Loop

Zheyi Teoh, M.B.B.S.

 Hometown:Joh or Bahru, Malaysia

Undergrad: The Ohio State University

Medical School: University of Queensland, Australia

Career Interests: Academic Med-Peds hospitalis with a focus on community, advocacy and global health. Social Determinants of Health, Refugee and Immigrant Health, Car Safety Education,  QI,

Personal Interests: Rock climbing, multi-day thru hikes, running and races, tennis, volleyball, travel. Spending time with my awesome dog, Aspen.

Favorite Louisville Restaurant: Ramsi's Cafe on the World

Favorite things to do in Louisville: Run with my dog at Cherokee Park, climbing at Climb Nulu, drinking at the local breweries