Educational Conferences

Educational Conferences

Our Med/Peds residents spend time attending various conferences within the internal medicine and pediatrics departments as well as attending weekly Med/Peds conferences. These conferences are held each Friday at noon and allow our residents a chance to focus on topics that are important to both internal medicine and pediatrics. These conferences include our Program Director's meeting, Journal Club, Ambulatory Case Conference, Skills Workshop, and Board Study Conference; brief descriptions of each are highlighted below. A brief list of some of the conferences provided by the internal medicine and pediatrics departments is also listed below and full descpritions of these conferences can be seen by following the program links..

Med/Peds Educational Opportunities


Ambulatory Case Conference

The ambulatory case conference meets once per month and is designed to augment the experience in the continuity clinics. Each month residents are given several articles and clincal scenarios developed around the Yale Curriculum with associated questions covering 4 topics (generally 2 adult and 2 pediatric topics) commonly encountered in the ambulatory setting. Two of these topics are discussed during the ambulatory conference and the remaining two are discussed with the resident's preceptor at his or her continuity clinic.

Journal Club

Med/Peds Journal Club meets once per month, and each resident is required to present an article of their choosing 2-3 times over the course of their residency. Each Journal Club session aims to teach residents the necessary skills to perform critical appraisal of medical literature and how to use that literature to answer clinical questions.

Skills Workshop

Held once per month, the skills workshop is designed to allow our med-peds residents to learn procedures or cover important topics such as those related to the business of medicine. Residents play a vital role in selecting the areas covered in each session.

Program Director's Meeting

The program director's meeting is held once per month and is led by our program director, Dr. Workman. The meeting serves as both an opportunity to outline important happenings or upcoming events as well an excellent forum for our residents to address any concerns they may have or provide input on changes they would like to see within our program.

Board Review Conference

This conference is held four times per month after our weekly Med/Peds conference. During these chief resident-run meetings residents review MKSAP, MedStudy, and PREP questions and answers with a different topic covered each week.


Categorical Educational Opportunities



Check out some of the medicine lectures online. LouisvilleLectures is a project through the Department of Medicine and the Internal Medicine Residency Program that is designed and run by residents, including some med-peds residents!  The aim is to provide free open access medical education (#FOAMed) by recording didactics, grand rounds and other conferences for our residents but also for medical professionals everywhere.

Internal Medicine


Grand Rounds
Noon Report
Morbidity/Mortality Conference
Didactics (new "flipped" classroom)
Intern Retreat
Shakertown Retreat
Board Review
Resident's as Teachers/Scholars Retreat
Scholarly Activity Project



Grand Rounds
Morning Report
Morbidity/Mortality Conference
Chairman's Conference
Nelson's Club
Noon lecture Series
Rabalais Rounds
Intern Retreat
Board Review
Resident's as Teachers Retreat
Senior Project