Shiao Y. Woo, M.D.


M.B., B.S., University of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Faculty of Medicine, 1972
Clinical Internship, Ipoh General Hospital, Ipoh, Malaysia, 6/1972−5/1973
Residency in Internal Medicine, Johor Baru General Hospital, Johor Baru, Malaysia, 6/1973−5/1975
Residency in Pediatrics, Southern General Hospital, Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom, 1/1976−5/1976
Residency in Pediatrics, Georgetown University Hospital, Washington, DC, 10/1976−6/1978
Fellowship in Pediatric and Adolescent Oncology-Hematology, Vincent T. Lombardi Cancer Center, Georgetown University Medical Center, Washington, DC, 7/1978−6/1980
Residency in Radiation Therapy, Stanford University Medical Center, Stanford, CA, 7/1985−6/1988

Board Certification
M.R.C.P. (U.K.), Specialty Board in Internal Medicine, U.K., 1975
Diploma of Child Health, London, 1976
American Board of Pediatrics, 1980
Subspecialty Board in Pediatric-Hematology-Oncology, 1980
American Board of Radiology-(Radiation Oncology), 1988

Curriculum Vitae

Current Positions:

Professor (Tenured) and Chairman, Department of Radiation Oncology, University of Louisville, School of Medicine
Professor (Tenured), Department of Pediatrics, Kosair Children’s Hospital/Norton Healthcare Chair in Pediatric Oncology, University of Louisville, School of Medicine

Clinical Focus and Research:

Brain and spine tumors, Pediatric cancer, lung cancer

Literature Cited:

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