Volunteer in Medicine Award

Volunteer in Medicine Award

This page describes the Volunteer in Medicine Award and identifies past winners of the award.

Every year the House Staff Council presents one outstanding resident with the Volunteer in Medicine Award. This award is given to a graduating resident who has done recognizable volunteer work over the course of their residency.


  • Must be a graduating resident or fellow
  • Only one selection per program
  • Volunteer in any area. This award is not specific to medicine.
  • Nomination must be submitted by April 15th

The selection process begins in each department where a vote will be cast for the representative who exemplifies the qualities of servant hood. This resident should be chosen for the volunteer work that he or she has participated in during their training. This work does not have to be medical in nature; any service to others qualifies.

Once a resident is chosen, we ask that either the elected resident, or a peer, write a brief paragraph explaining their volunteer work (please limit any identifying information within the paragraph). This paragraph should then be turned into your program director's office which will then forward the information to the House Staff Council.

Once all nominations have been received, they will be reviewed by the House Staff Council, where a final vote will take place to choose the recipient of the Volunteer in Medicine Award. The award will be presented at the winning resident's graduation ceremony or other appropriate venue as decided by each program.

We understand that volunteerism during residency is a difficult task to commit to; and it is our goal to reward a resident's hard work with this prestigious honor and by giving them the recognition they deserve.

Volunteer in Medicine Award Winners

2007-2008 Anthony Theile [DOC] Pediatrics

2006-2007 Amanda Mackey Psychiatry

2005-2006 Adeel Haq [DOC] Emergency Medicine