Committees and Council Representatives

Committees and Council Representatives

List of House Staff Council members on various committees and council

Academic Grievance Committee

  • Jeremy Clark, MD
  • Bertina Lin, MD
  • Kate Livesay, MD

Faculty Forum

  • Josh Campell, MD
  • Eric Munoz, MD

Graduate Medical Education Committee

Attendance by a designated residents is required.

  • Jeremy D. Clark, MD
  • David Gilbert, MD
  • Bethany Woomer, MD
  • Robert Kelly, MD - Alternate
  • Justin Phillips, MD - Alternate
  • Ahmad Bashir, MD - Alternate

Medical Council

  • Tanuj Saaraswat, MD

Resident Education and Work Environment Subcommittee

  • David Gilbert, MD
  • Ahmad Bashir, MD
  • Kiran Pandit, MD