Postdoctoral Studies Committee

Postdoctoral Studies Committee

The Postdoctoral Studies Committee was established to service the postdoctoral community of the University of Louisville. 
Current Committee Members are:

Dr. Russell Salter, Associate Dean for Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies
Dr. Pamela Feldhoff, Associate Vice President for Research
Dr. Allison Ratterman - Director, Research Integrity Program
Caroline Mills - Program Coordinator, Research Integrity Program


Dr. Alan Cheng
Dr. Dan Conklin
Dr. Nigel Cooper
Dr. John Pani
Dr. Dale Schuschke
Dr. Bob Mitchell
Dr. Christine Schaner Tooley

Postdoctoral Trainees


Ms. Ashley Hand, Program Assistant Senior
Phone: 502-852-3805
Fax:  502-852-5859