Program Letters of Agreement

Program Letters of Agreement

Residency Coordinators [DOC]

When is a Program Letter of Agreement Needed?

The Common Program Requirements state:  "There must be a letter of agreement (PLA) between the program and each participating site providing a required assignment."  Please check your program specific requirements as well for additional requirements.

What Information is Needed?

ACGME has specific requirements (Common Program Requirements 1.B.1) for the content of PLA's.  A template agreement is used to assure that all PLA's meet the ACGME requirements.  Programs must add the following items to the template agreement:

1. Name of the Program

2. Name of the Participating Site

3. Name of the Site Director

4. List of faculty who supervise residents at the site (attach as Appendix A)

5. Duration of assignment by PG level

6. Educational goals and objectives (attach as Appendix B)

In addition, for GMEC approval, the following information will be needed:

1. Will the participating site provide funding for the residents assigned?

2. How will the assignment of residents to this new site impact the assignment of residents to the other training sites?

3. What is the type of assignment (consults, or primary assignment for the month)?

How is the PLA Generated and Processed?

1. The program completes the template agreement and the checklist and forwards both to the GME office.

2. The GME office reviews the completed template and checklist and obtains GMEC review and approval.

3. After GMEC approval, the GME office initiates the signature process.

4. Upon receipt of the fully executed PLA, the GME office returns a copy to the program office.

5. Upon receipt of the fully executed copy, the program then enters a request to add the new site in WebAds. (Review the program requirements to see if your RRC requires this, some don't, depending on the type/length of the rotation.)