Distinction Tracks

Distinction Tracks


  • To increase the number of students choosing a career in academic medicine
  • To provide students with opportunities to focus on areas in medicine for which they have a passion

Participation in a distinction track enriches medical school training without prolonging it. Students may only be enrolled in one distinction track. Successful completion of track requirements will be noted on the student’s official transcript and in the MSPE letter for residency application.

Distinction in Business Leadership Track

Drs. Brad Sutton and In Kim (launched spring 2013)

Healthcare is a complex and dynamic field with many stakeholders and much uncertainty. Now, more than ever, health systems and providers are realigning with a renewed focus on cost reduction and improved outcomes. What’s more, health providers are increasingly held accountable for outcomes and processes that are only partly in our control. Formal business training at the medical student level is lacking and has left our graduates ill equipped to address today’s challenges. We seek to provide a fundamental knowledge base that explores the intersection of business and medicine, and arms trainees with a vital skill set to succeed in our health economy. The Distinction Track in Business and Leadership is a four-year, longitudinal curriculum comprised of online courses, didactics, group-based learning, and a capstone project within the business of medicine context.

Currently has 8 students enrolled – 4 from class of 2015 and 4 from class of 2016. Application process will begin in January 2014.

Distinction in Global Health

Dr. Bethany Hodge (launched spring 2013)

The goals of the track are to take a scholarly approach to understanding and intervening in global health issues, facilitating extensive interdisciplinary participation in the professional field of global health, to providing service-oriented learning in areas of health disparities, and training and mentoring the next generation of innovative physician leaders who care for the world’s poor and work globally to combat health inequities. A Distinction in Global Health Track emphasizes learning and studying about global health and will continue to highlight the University's dedication to community engagement and cultivate compassionate doctors more capable of connecting with patients from diverse cultural and economic backgrounds both internationally and locally.

Currently has 10 students enrolled – 4 from Class of 2015 and 6 from Class of 2016. Application process will begin in January 2014.

Distinction in Medical Education

Drs. Jennifer Brueckner-Collins, Charles Kodner and Pradip Patel (launched spring 2013)

One of the most important roles of a physician is to be a lifelong learner and educator.  The MD with Distinction in Medical Education (DIME) is a longitudinal experience that will provide medical students at the UofL SOM with the unique opportunity to engage in activities focused on developing their skills in multiple teaching modes pertinent to medical education, as well as conducting educational research.  It aims to develop teaching skills that will benefit students in residency programs and foster interest in careers in academic medicine. The DIME track will achieve the following goals:

  • Introduce students to core principles in medical education and allow them to apply and develop these skills in multiple teaching formats
  • Provide students with insight into the structure and function of academic medicine, with the goal of informing and preparing them for careers in this field.
  • Engage students as active contributors to the educational program in the school of medicine as well as the academic medical community as a whole.
  • Prepare students to be effective physician educators to peers and patients alike.

Currently has 6 students enrolled from Class of 2016. Application process will begin in January 2014.

Distinction in Research Track

Drs. Dale Schuschke and Russ Prough (launched in 2010)

It is an educational track that provides medical students with meaningful and productive research experiences that enrich their medical school training. The experience is longitudinal (years 2-4) and includes contact with mentors and research groups, development of research-oriented skills, and the completion of a research project in the 3rd/4th years.

ULSOM graduated 16 students in the class of 2013. Track has 23 students in the class of 2014, 26 students in the class of 2015, and 39 students in the class of 2016. Applications for class of 2017 will be in August 2014 after students complete the Summer Research Scholar Program (SRSP).