Molecular Imaging Core

Molecular Imaging Core



The In Vivo Molecular Imaging Core Facilities (IMICF) can provide a comprehensive service for non-invasive functional, anatomical, and physiological imaging of small animals (mice, rats, and rabbits). The core can generate functional data specific for probe developments and evaluations and provides state-of-the-art in vivo imaging systems for acquiring non-invasive data for various disease models, including cardiopathologies, cancers, and bacteria and viral infections.

We assist investigators in designing and carrying out their imaging research based on their animal models and appropirate modalities which will fit their needs (Optical, MRI, PET, and CT). We will work with the investigators to develop a time table for experiments, determine suitable numbers of animals to demonstrate feasibility and significance and assist the entire research team with our imaging expertise.

IMICF Faculty and Staff

Location of IMICF

Small Animal Imaging Service

I. MicroPET


III. Optical Imaging

A.Fluorescence Imaging

B. Bioluminescence Imaging

IV. MicroMRI
A. Agilent/ Varian 31-cm Horizontal Bore micro-MRI

V. Contrast agent

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