Diagnostic Radiology Residency FAQ's

Do you offer away rotations for interested medical students?

The University of Louisville is following the recommendations released by the Coalition for Physician Accountability. For the 2020-2021 academic year, students from other institutions will not be allowed to do away rotations at the University of Louisville. The only exceptions will be students from other Kentucky schools who do not have access to certain specialties within their medical school system. Approvals for exceptions will be made on a case by case basis by the medical school.

All applications for visiting medical student rotations are submitted in VSAS. If you have questions, please email the Office of Medical Student Affairs at .

When is the application deadline?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the traditional ERAS residency application timelines have been delayed.  Applications will be reviewed starting October 21, 2020.  It is highly recommended to submit your application within the first week of ERAS opening to residency programs.

Will virtual interviews be offered for the University of Louisville radiology residency?

Yes, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all interviews for UofL residency positions will be conducted virtually during the 2020-2021 academic year. 

What is needed for an application?

We only accept applications via ERAS (Electronic Residency Application System), and the following must be submitted for consideration: ERAS application, three letters of recommendation (at least one radiology letter is highly recommended), ECFMG status, USMLE transcript, medical school transcript, and personal statement.

Do I need to apply for a preliminary year?

Yes, candidates match separately for preliminary years. The University of Louisville Internal Medicine program is excellent and candidates invited for a Radiology interview may be able to arrange for an interview in the Department of Medicine on the same day.

Do you have a minimum score requirement?

There is no absolute cutoff, but our current program's average USMLE score is 230.

Do you accept international graduates into your program?

We consider all applications submitted to us, however, we do give precedence to LCME schools. Additionally, ECFMG Certification is required by time of application, and citizenship or a J1 Visa is required.

Do you consider applications from D.O.s?

Yes, but USMLE scores are still required.

How many residency positions are available?

Five positions are available each year.

Are educational funds available?

The Department is committed to providing residents with a generous CME allowance. Starting with appointment year 2018, each resident receives $640 per academic year. This CME allowance can be used for medical books (discount available through UofL's bookstore), registration fees, attendance at professional society meetings, etc. Most residents use their CME funds to pay their annual ABR dues. 

The department also provides support for AIRP and the Telerad Physics Teaching Program. In all, the average resident will be provided with about $6,800 worth of CME benefits.

In addition, residents who present at an approved conference may be eligible to have a portion of the travel costs covered by the department.

How much leave is provided?

Residents are entitled to four weeks of vacation per year.

In addition, PGY 3-5 residents are entitled to five days of CME per academic year. Additional time away may be granted to residents presenting at approved conferences.

PGY 4 residents receive five days for fellowship interviews. Please visit our fellowship placement website to see the list of our graduates’ fellowships.

Does your program offer ESIR (Early Specialization in Interventional Radiology)?

Yes, we allow one resident per class to be on the ESIR track. Residents interested in IR will interview for ESIR in the spring of their second year.

Do you offer couples match?

Yes, we do participate in ERAS’s couples match.