Souzana Alkhouri Bio

Souzana Alkhouri Bio

Name: Souzana Alkhouri

Undergraduate Degree: University of Oklahoma

Medical School: Medical University of the Americas

What I like about our program: I think UofL is a great fit for me because I have an artistic background, so I'm interested in incorporating art therapy into my practice later. One of the first art therapy University-based programs was established at UofL, so I will have many resources available here.  I also have the opportunity to sit in therapy groups with Syrian and Iraqi refugees, which is another interest of mine. I have a lot of support from my colleagues and hospital staff which has made the transition to intern year very enjoyable.

What I like about Louisville: I'm a foodie and Louisville caters to any food I'm interested in trying. In Louisville, there's something for everyone, whether it is spending the day in one of the many beautiful parks, going shopping at local boutiques, going to music festivals or Shakespeare in the park, or watching an FC Louisville soccer game :)

Career goal: Inpatient and Outpatient psychiatry with fellowship in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry