Laura Romer Bio

Laura Romer Bio

Name:  Laura Kyser Romer

Undergraduate Degree:  University of Alabama (Roll Tide!)

Medical School:  University of South Alabama College of Medicine

What you love about Louisville:  Lots of things! All the parks / green space (park system was designed by Olmstead, who designed Central Park in NYC), the personalities/architecture of the various neighborhoods (for example, Old Louisville is the third largest historic district in the country), the arts & culture of the city (Shakespeare in the park, Waterfront Wednesdays and other music events, lots of festivals, variety of restaurants, Kentucky Derby, Louisville Slugger Museum, Muhammad Ali Center, Speed Art Museum, etc etc), reasonable cost of living, nice people, and the traffic isn't bad (which, combined with electronics that don't work, frustrates me beyond anything). Tip: avoid the interstates during rush hour.

What you like about our program:   Flexible 4 weeks of vacation, variety of training environments, supportive faculty and staff. But most of all, I love the residents. I am particularly close to the residents in my class and can't imagine a residency experience without friends and colleagues like them. *Tear* - being a rising 4th year certainly brings out my sentimental side! :)

Career Goal:  To build my dream house in the country and practice adult outpatient psychiatry in a rural/underserved area. Especially at the beginning of my career, though, I would like a variety of experiences. We'll see where life takes me!